Query to delete incidents does not display any incidents

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A worker that is a member of the Admin group of Helpdesk does a query from Delete Incidents, the query fails to list an incident.  However, another member of the Admin group running the exact query will retrieve the incident.

NS 6.0.5287


The worker tag table for their tag_collection_id had some corruption that caused the query to fail.

To resolve this issue, it will requires finding the tag_collection_id for the worker and deleting the tag_collection_id in the Altiris_Incident database where the Helpdesk solution stores data.

To find the worker's tag_collection_id, use any of the following for the worker: nt_id, name or email.  There are now three scripts are required to complete removing the tag_collection_id.

For an example, John Doe is the name of the worker and their tag_collection_id is 11154.

Run this script to find the tag_collection_id

select * from contact where name='john doe'

Locate the tag_collection_id column and record the numeric value

Run the next script with the tag_collection_id

select * from tag where tag_collection_id='11154'

The return information will be a table of multiple rows.

Now to remove the tag_collection_id with the following script:

delete from tag where tag_collection_id='11154'

By deleting the worker's tag_collection_id, all their custom queries etc will be deleted and need to be recreated.  The worker will revert back to the default setting.

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