How to restore a backup of Microsoft Exchange data to a file set that was performed by using the Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange

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Backup Exec can redirect a backup of Microsoft Exchange to a file set that was performed by using the Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange.  This is an option in the restore job under the section called 'Microsoft Exchange Redirection'.  In order to redirect the backup set for the Microsoft Exchange database performed by the Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange, the following requirements must be in place.



  • Microsoft Exchange with the same updates must be installed on target server that is selected to receive the data
  • The target server must be reachable on the network
  • The target server must have the Backup Exec Remote Agent installed


Once the requirements are in place, the following steps can be used to setup the job to redirect the Exchange backup to a file set.


  1. Open a restore job.
  2. On the SELECTIONS tab, select the Microsoft Exchange database (Mailbox store) that needs to be restored.  When using Microsoft Exchange Redirection to a file set, the entire database must be selected since restore of individual items is not supported.
  3. Then on the 'Microsoft Exchange Redirection' tab, select 'Redirect Exchange Sets'.
  4. Enter the name of the target server that has Exchange installed
  5. Select the option 'Redirect using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot provider'
  6. Then select the option 'Redirect to drive and path (Exchange 2003 and 2007)'
  7. Click on the Browse for file location button to browse for the path on the target server.
  8. Once the path is chosen, submit the job by clicking on the Run now button.


The steps above will place the Microsoft Exchange database and log files back in their native form to the folder that was selected as the target path.  Once the restore is complete, the files can be manually moved to a preferred location for mounting the database.  Microsoft may need to assist with the mounting of the database and logs once in this form.

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