HOW TO:License PGP Command Line 9.x

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This article details how to license PGP Command Line 9.x.

For information about authorizing your PGP Command Line license, please refer to the Licensing chapter of the User's Guide.

EXAMPLE: pgp --license-authorize --license-name "Name here" --license-organization "Organization name here" --license-number "Your license here" --license-email "Recovery Email here"

If you are replacing an existing license you will need to add the following switch at the end of the command: --force

If you receive a return code of (0: License Authorized), this means the software is authorized successfully.  If you are receiving and error that shows an invalid authorization, check for a connection failure error.

If there isn't a connection failure, this indicates a typographical error in the command being entered. Refer to the example above for the exact command to enter.


Note: For versions prior to 10.1.0, if you use a new license for your software, you must use Authorized User for the Name and Authorized Company for the Organization to authorize the license.


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