HOW TO: Configure Additional Keyservers for Searching

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It may be desirable to have local copies of user keys on your BlackBerry. This article describes how to configure the keyserver settings so that keys can be downloaded from a keyserver. These steps apply to users running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.1 with the PGP Support Package for BlackBerry.


Note: For versions of the PGP Support Pack for Blackberry newer than 4.1, key lookups are managed from the Universal server when bound. In these situations, the option to add keyservers is not available on the BlackBerry Device.

There are several ways to access adding a new keyserver on the BlackBerry. The following is but one example: 


Adding a New Keyserver: 

  1. From the main menu of the BlackBerry, select PGP Key Search.
  2. Scroll to the Server line, click on the track wheel and select New Server.
  3. The Server Type should be LDAP Server.
  4. Enter a Friendly Name to identify the server you are adding.
  5. Enter the Server Name, for example
  6. In the Base Query field, enter o=Searchable PGP Keys.

    Note: If keyserver is a legacy PGP Universal Server (version 1.22 or earlier), use a Base Query of "o=PGP Keys".

  7. The Port should default to 389 and the Authentication Type is Anonymous. If the keyserver you are entering has different settings, enter the appropriate values.
  8. Click on the track wheel and select Save.


Add the PGP Global Directory 

Use the following settings to add the PGP Global Directory:  

  • Server Type: LDAP Server
  • Server Name:
  • Base Query: o=Searchable PGP Keys
  • Port: 389
  • Authentication Type: Anonymous

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