HOW TO: Search for and Add Public Keys to your BlackBerry Key Store

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It may be desirable to have local copies of user keys on your BlackBerry. This article describes how to search for user keys and download them to your key store. It assumes that the keyserver to search has already been configured on the BlackBerry.


Note: This document applies to users running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.1 with the PGP Support Package for BlackBerry.

For versions of the PGP Support Pack for Blackberry newer than 4.1, key lookups are managed from the Universal server when bound. In these situations, the option to add keys is not available on the BlackBerry Device.

When running in a PGP Universal Server environment, the PGP Universal Server does key lookups for all recipients and transfers the key information to the BlackBerry (via SOAPS) so that the BlackBerry can execute the encryption. Therefore, in this environment it is not necessary to have a local copy of all keys.

On the BlackBerry, downloading a public key is referred to as Fetching a Key. The first section describes how to download a key and add it to the BlackBerry key store. After you fetch a key, in order for it to be used for encryption or signature verification, it is necessary to trust the key. The second section describes how to trust the key.


Fetching a Key 

  1. From the main applications, select PGP Key Search.
  2. Ensure that the server listed is the one you want to search. To select a different server, highlight it, click the track wheel and select Change Option.
  3. Enter all or part of the First Name, Last Name or Email for the key you are searching.
  4. The results will be displayed in the main window.
  5. Scroll to the key you wish to add and click on the track wheel.
  6. Select Add PGP Key to Key Store.
  7. Depending on your configuration settings, you may be prompted to enter your key store password.
  8. Enter a label for the user key. If you wish to use the default, simply click OK.


Trusting a Key in the Key Store 

  1. Access your key store:  Select Settings, Options, Security Options, PGP Keys.
  2. Untrusted keys will have a red X beside them. Scroll to the key you wish to verify.
  3. Click on the track wheel and select Details.
  4. Check that the fingerprint at the bottom matches the fingerprint provided by the key owner. Click OK.
  5. If the fingerprint matched you should trust the key, indicating that it has been verified. Click on the track wheel and select Trust.
  6. If prompted, enter your key store password. Once trusted, a green check will appear beside the key (assuming that it is not expired).


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