HOW TO: Use PGP Shred in PGP Mobile

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This article details how to use the PGP Shred feature on a PGP Mobile device.

If you want to completely destroy sensitive files without leaving fragments of their data behind, use the PGP Shred utility.

When you delete a file using PGP Shred, all traces of that file are removed from your mobile device. Note that PGP Shred does not delete Windows Mobile system files.The PGP Shred feature works by overwriting your data with random text. It repeats this multiple times, or passes. PGP Mobile is set to overwrite data with three passes.

Use the following steps to securely delete files:


  1. Open PGP Mobile. (Tap Start>Programs>PGP Mobile).
  2. Tap Menu>PGP Shred. The Open screen is displayed.
  3. In the file list, locate the file you want to shred. You may browse to specific folders by tapping the down arrow next to Folder.
  4. Tap OK on the PGP Alert screen to confirm you want to shred the file. A PGP Alert displays the progress of PGP Shred.

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