HOW TO: Disable or Enable a PGP Messaging Service - PGP Desktop for Mac

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This article describes how to disable or enable a PGP Messaging Service.

If you want to stop a service from working, but you don’t want to delete the service because you might need it again, you can disable the service. This is useful if you only want PGP Desktop to process mail on particular accounts, but not others.

To enable or disable an existing service

  1. Under the PGP Messaging item, select the name of the service you want to disable. The settings for the service appear. Confirm that you have selected the correct service.

  2. Do one of the following:
  • To disable the service, select Messaging > Disable Service. The service is disabled.
  • To enable the service select Messaging > Enable Service. The service is enabled.
Tip: You can also Ctrl+click the name of the service (or right-click it if you are using a two-button mouse) and select the option to enable or disable the service from the shortcut menu.

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