HOW TO: Manually re-create a PGP Messaging Service - PGP Desktop for Windows

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This article provides step by stpe instructions how to manually re-create a PGP Messaging Service.

This article details how to manually create a PGP Messaging Service. A service is information about an email account, as well as the security policies that are to be applied to outgoing messages for that email account.

To re-create a PGP Messaging Service


  1. Delete the PGP Messaging service that is not working correctly by right-clicking the service in the PGP Messaging Control box and selecting Delete Service.

  2. Stop all PGP Desktop services and then exit PGP Desktop if it was open. To stop the services, right-click the PGP Desktop tray icon and select Exit PGP Services from the list of commands.

  3. Verify that you have Internet connectivity and can send and receive email with PGP Messaging services stopped.

  4. Open your email client and write down your email account settings (including user name, email address, incoming and outgoing mail server, incoming mail server protocol, and any non-standard mail server ports).

  5. Close your email client and restart PGP Desktop, which restarts PGP services. You can either restart your computer or open PGP Desktop from the Windows Start menu.

  6. Manually create a PGP Messaging service using the account settings you wrote down by clicking New Service under the PGP Messaging Control box.

  7. Open your email client and send a test message.

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