Configuring the OpsCenter Agent properties for integrated logon

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Configuring the OpsCenter Agent properties for integrated logon

The Enterprise Vault data collector that is configured in OpsCenter collects the Enterprise Vault archive data residing on the MS SQL Server. However, the data collection is not possible if the OpsCenter Agent is not configured to run in the context of the user or the group that has access to the SQL Server.


Make sure that this user has required rights to access MS SQL Server

See Accessing MS SQL Server host.

To configure OpsCenter Agent properties

  1. On the OpsCenter Agent host (Windows system), click Start > Run.

  2. In the Run dialog box, in the Open text box, enter services.msc.

  3. Click Enter.

    The Windows Services screen is displayed.

  4. On the Services screen, on the services list, right-click the Symantec OpsCenter Agent service.

  5. On the right-click menu, click Properties.

  6. On the Symantec OpsCenter Agent Properties screen, on the Log On tab, select the This account option.

  7. Enter the credentials of the user - for example localadmin with the password: pass - who has the rights to access the MS SQL Server, where the Enterprise Vault archive data resides.

    Alternatively, click Browse. This opens the Select User dialog box.

  8. Enter a user name in the text box. This user should have access rights on MS SQL Server. Click Check Names to check whether the user name that is specified is present in the Windows domain or not.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click OK on the LogOn tab.

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