Configuring Enterprise Vault data collector

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Configuring Enterprise Vault data collector

This section provides the procedure to configure the Enterprise Vault data collector in the OpsCenter console. This data collector collects archive data from MS SQL Server where the Enterprise Vault database resides.

To collect archive data, the Enterprise Vault data collector needs the Agent to be configured to run in the context of the user or the group that can access MS SQL Server.

See Configuring the OpsCenter Agent properties for integrated logon.

To configure Enterprise Vault data collector

  1. In the OpsCenter console, click Settings > Configuration > Agent .

  2. On the Agent list, select a check box in front of the Agent for which you want to configure the Data Collector.

  3. Click Create Data Collector.

  4. On the Create Data Collector: Product Selection page, select Symantec Enterprise Vault from the Select Product drop-down list.

  5. Enter the name of the host, from where you want to collect the archive data.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Enter the following Configuration Settings:

    Database Instance Name

    This is the directory database instance name. By default this field is left blank.

    Database port number

    Enter the port number that is used to connect to the MS SQL Server.

    The default port number is 1433.

  8. Specify blackout period details.

  9. Select the data types that you want to collect. You can collect the following data types from an Enterprise Vault set up: Target, Vault Store, Archive Policy, and Archive.

  10. Select collection interval.

    For more details on collection interval, and other data collector settings, refer to the following section:

    See Configuring an OpsCenter Data Collector.

  11. Click Save.

See Enterprise Vault data collection checklist.

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