Logging on to the Symantec OpsCenter console

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Logging on to the Symantec OpsCenter console

You must supply logon credentials on the OpsCenter logon screen.

To log on to the Symantec OpsCenter console

  1. Enter a user name and password, and select a domain from the Domain drop-down list. For administrator initial logon, the user name is admin and the password is password or any custom password that you chose during the installation. Select OpsCenterUsers(vx) from the Domain drop-down list.

    The domains that appear in the Domain drop-down list include the OpsCenterUsers(vx) domain, domains that are migrated if you upgraded to OpsCenter from NOM or VBR, and domains of the users that are added to the OpsCenter console.

    After the initial log on, change the user name and password. To change existing passwords, use Settings > User Preferences > My Profile view in the OpsCenter console.

    See Changing your OpsCenter password.

  2. Click Log On.

    Initially, a monitoring overview of the NetBackup master servers appears. When you log off from the console, OpsCenter saves your settings and preferences and uses these settings when you restart the console again.


    The first time you log on, OpsCenter uses the default language of the Web browser. If OpsCenter does not support this language, it uses English.

    After initial logon, you can specify a default language or locale from Settings > User Preferences > General. If you do not set a default, OpsCenter uses the Web browser language (or English).

    See Setting user preferences.

See Possible OpsCenter console logon issues

See About starting the OpsCenter console

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