Enabling Carbon Copy connections over the Internet

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Here are the steps to be followed in order to enable Carbon Copy connectivity over the Internet.

From the Guest PC:
From Carbon Copy's GUI, click on "Create New Connection" tab. Enter the appropriate "call entry name" for the computer being called. Next select the device being used to make the Carbon Copy connection with from the "connect using" scroll-down field.

Next, enter the "workstation name or IP address" of the machine (Carbon Copy Host) being connected to. Check the "Use the Internet" checkbox.  Next, enter any login information that may be required to connect to the Host PC.

From the Host PC:

From Carbon Copy's GUI, go to OPTIONS\ COMMUNICATIONS and the WAIT FOR CALL TAB. Check the appropriate TCP\IP entry listed. Next, check the "Use the Internet checkbox.  It is recommended to configure Carbon Copy to "Require Logins" when waiting for a call on the Internet. This can be done by going to OPTIONS\ SECURITY and go to the LOGINS TAB. Once this done, go to the USER PROFILE TAB from the bottom portion of the main GUI and follow the steps to create a USER PROFILE for the specified Guest using to connect.

Gateway Configuration

In the example below, it is not the IP Addresses that will be forwarded, but those packets with DESTINATION PORT 1680. Carbon Copy uses TCP Port 1680. This is a registered Carbon Copy TCP Port. Configure the Gateway to listen for packets with destination port 1680 to forward to a specific IP address within the internal network. So, in this situation where the IP is not routable, use PORT 1680 as the key differentiator to forward Carbon Copy packets to specific PC's on internal network. 

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