Restoring the OpsCenter database

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Restoring the OpsCenter database

After you back up the database, you can restore it. On Windows and UNIX hosts, the restore operation automatically stops the database, restores the backup database files, and restarts the database. The dbbackup script overwrites existing database (db) files before backing up or restoring the database. The database files are as follows: vxpmdb.db, symcOpscache.db, and vxpmdb.log. The script backs up or restores the vxpmdb.db, symcOpscache.db, and vxpmdb.log file (if it exists).

To restore a backed up OpsCenter database

  1. On the OpsCenter server with backup data you want to restore, open a UNIX console or a Windows command prompt and log on as root (on UNIX) or as an administrator or user in the Administrators group (on Windows).


    Open a Windows command prompt and log on as an administrator or user in the Administrators group.


    Open a UNIX console and then log on as root.

    All the paths that are shown in the steps that follow are the default database install paths. These paths may different for your site if the database was installed anywhere other than the default location.

  2. To restore the backed up database, do one of the following:


    Type the following command and press Enter.

    INSTALL_PATH\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbbackup.bat <backupDir> -restore <restoreDir>


    Type the following command and press Enter.

    /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ <backupDir> -restore <restoreDir>

    where backupDir is the directory where the backed up database resides, and <restoreDir> is the location of the current OpsCenter database.

    restoreDir is optional.

    If not used, the dbbackup script restores to the default database directory:





    If you specified a non-default directory location, you must specify the restoreDir option.

    The script prompts you with a message similar to the following:

    WARNING: this operation will overwrite the active
    OpsCenter data on this host.
    Do you wish to continue ? [y/n] (n)
  3. To continue with the restore, press Enter on Windows hosts.

    To continue with the restore, type y on UNIX hosts.

    The dbbackup script automatically stops and restarts the database.

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