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I have both AeXHD/worker and AexHD/winuser consoles, and I want to have the end user type in "worker" or "help" in an Internet Explorer address bar. How do I do this?


Please Note: The following instructions discuss how to add an alias (CNAME) to a DNS server. The Helpdesk Solution, Altiris, and Symantec Technical Support are not responsible for the implementation or troubleshooting of your DNS server and its network environment. If you require assistance in setting up an alias beyond these instructions, please contact your network administrator or Microsoft Technical Support.

  1. On the DNS server, access DNS by going to the Windows Start button > Administrative Tools > DNS.
  2. Under the Forward Lookup Zones folder, select the domain to add the alias to.
  3. Right click on the domain name and choose New Alias (CNAME).
  4. Enter an alias name in the Alias name field. For example, "worker" (without the quotes).
  5. Enter in the FQDN of the Helpdesk server in the Fully qualified domain name field.
  6. Click on the OK button.
  7. Add a second new alias, this time giving the Alias name field the value of "help". Enter the same information from step 5, and then click on the OK button.
  8. Save the "default.txt" file attachment from this article to the Helpdesk server's C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.
  9. Edit the default.txt file. Part of this is displayed as the following:

    Select Case LCase(sAlias)
         Case "worker"
         Case "help"
         Case Else

  10. Change or remove any alias' that are set up. For example, if "worker" and "help" were not used, change these accordingly to the custom names.
  11. Rename the default.txt file to default.asp.
  12. Open a new browser and type in the word "worker" in the URL box and press the Enter key. The worker console should now come up. Do the same for "help", the winuser console should now come up. Note: The DNS server and IIS on the Helpdesk server do not need to be restarted.


If the above steps fail to enable the alias, ensure that the steps were completed correctly. Check the DNS server's Windows System Event logs for errors, and the Helpdesk server's IIS logs for errors. Custom IIS settings, such as removing Anonymous from being part of the Default Web Site's permissions, may result in an alias failing to work. Please refer to your network administrator or Microsoft Technical Support for additional assistance.


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