How OpsCenter collects data from NetBackup

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How OpsCenter collects data from NetBackup

OpsCenter is used to monitor, manage, and report on NetBackup master and media servers, clients, and policies. To perform the monitoring, management, and reporting functions, OpsCenter collects data from the NetBackup master servers. The NetBackup data collection and management logic that OpsCenter uses is built into NetBackup master servers. This logic is included in the NetBackup Service Layer (NBSL). Starting with the 6.0 release of NetBackup, NetBackup Service Layer (NBSL) components are included as a part of NetBackup on master and media servers.


OpsCenter only uses the NBSL on master servers for data collection. Though NBSL is also included on media servers, OpsCenter does not use it. You must add only master servers to the OpsCenter console. You must not add any media servers to the OpsCenter console.

NBSL provides a single point of access to key NetBackup data, objects, and change events. The NetBackup UI also uses NBSL. NBSL runs as a service or daemon and has local configuration information, but no local database.

OpsCenter uses NBSL for all NetBackup monitoring, managing, and control functions. If NBSL service stops running on a managed NetBackup server, OpsCenter gets affected.

If NBSL stops, OpsCenter may not capture any changes that were made to the NetBackup configuration. When NBSL restarts, OpsCenter correctly recaptures the latest state.

See Data collection status of a master server.


A NetBackup 7.1 master server does not require any OpsCenter Agent or data collector for data collection. For 7.0.x master servers, an Agent must be installed only if you want to collect breakup jobs data. For 6.5.x master servers, an Agent must be installed only if you want to collect specific data (image, error log, scheduled jobs, and breakup jobs data). For 6.0 MP7 master server, you cannot collect scheduled jobs and breakup jobs data. Hence for a 6.0 MP7 master server, an Agent must be installed only if you want to collect image data and error logs data.

The OpsCenter server software collects data from NBSL in the following ways:

  • Initial data load

  • Listening for change notifications

Whenever OpsCenter server software starts, when data collection for a master server is enabled or when a master server is added to OpsCenter, the OpsCenter server starts collecting all the available data from NetBackup master server into the OpsCenter database using NBSL. The initial data load happens serially for each data type. As soon as the initial data load is complete, OpsCenter server software listens to the notifications from NBSL for any change in NetBackup data, and updates the OpsCenter database.


Consider a scenario when you add a master server or when OpsCenter Server software starts after a long time, or when the data collection for a master server is enabled after a long time. In this case, it may take some time for the OpsCenter server to collect all data (such as media, jobs, images, drives etc.) from the NetBackup master server and insert it into the OpsCenter database.

Consider a scenario where a master server is already added on the OpsCenter console, and you uninstall and then reinstall NetBackup on the master server. In this case, the State of the master server shows as Not Connected in the OpsCenter console (State column in Settings > Configuration > NetBackup) and OpsCenter does not collect any new data from the specific master server. To begin data collection from the master server, you must delete the master server from the OpsCenter console and then add the master server again. Once you add the master server in the OpsCenter console, the OpsCenter server can start collecting data from the master server.

See Adding a master server in the OpsCenter console.

Symantec Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is used for communication and requires a port to be opened on the OpsCenter server and the NetBackup master server for input and output. The default PBX port that is used is 1556. If you change the PBX port on the NetBackup master server, you can configure the same in OpsCenter while adding or editing a master server.

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