About the OpsCenter database

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About the OpsCenter database

OpsCenter uses Sybase SQL Anywhere 11 (Sybase 11) database management system as a repository for the backup data or archive data, such as backup service usage and expenditure reports, cost metrics, chargeback formulae, and alerts.

OpsCenter uses a Sybase SQL Anywhere 11 (Sybase 11) database installation that is separate from the NetBackup database.

Except for a very small number of system settings, all information that is in the Web user interface is contained in the OpsCenter database, which consists of a single cross-platform database file.

The OpsCenter database is completely embedded and requires no additional installation steps. The Sybase database is also self tuning and does not require a database administrator to maintain it.

OpsCenter 7.1 supports upgrades from NOM and VBR.

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