SNPlus displays warning about not running with Admin rights

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While running SNPlus (aexsnplus.exe) as a local/domain administrator, SNPlus displayed the message in the AeXSNPlus.exe log:

Warning: Without ADMIN rights, AeXSNPlus may fail if it needs to load a device driver to fetch a serial number.


Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1
Aexsnplus.exe 6.1.10630

Possible cause may be due to domain aliasing throwing off the program's ability to correctly identify the rights of the running process.

This is only an issue for instances where SNplus needs to install and run a service in order to get serial number details. If the production environment runs snplus with system context, then this should not be an issue.

SNplus has built in, custom written windows services, which it installs, runs, and then uninstalls at runtime. It only runs these services if the serial number is not detected using its regular means. It uses the profile descriptions contained in its internal .INI file to determine what type of computer it is on and whether a custom service exists that might retrieve the serial number for that type of computer. Altiris currently has custom services written for older Compaq Proliants and some more generic services. In order to install and run the service, SNplus needs to be running under admin rights.

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