Why does an incident show Created by: username (guest)?

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Why does an incident show "Created by: username (guest)" when the worker is a member of the Altiris Administrators and Altiris Supervisors Security Roles?

There are four different Helpdesk consoles:

If an incident is created using http://localhost/AeXHD/worker/, the "Created by: workername ( )" will correctly show the worker's Security Role.

However, if http://localhost/AeXHD/winuser/, http://localhost/AeXHD/winuser/NTUser.aspx, or http://localhost/AeXHD/guest/ consoles are used then "(guest)" will be in the "Created by:" field.

If the incident is being created by a worker, it is recommended to use the http://localhost/AeXHD/worker/ console.

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