DS 7.1 SP1 Samples (for use with SMP/CMS 7.1) 64 bit only (will not work on previous versions)

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New release as of 5/2//2011



Well, it was a long time coming and is probably missing things you want, but this should help new users of the product.  Support was given permission to release a set of Deployment Samples for the current shipping code.  This set is an x64 installation and thus will not run on previous versions of the product.  The XML files that it extracts MIGHT work on previous versions, but of course it will be use-at-your-own-risk.  (Truthfully, MOST of it should work fine, but we don't have time to test it or recompile for previous versions).

The password is "samples" for the zip file!

NOTE: This is not an official product release!  These samples were created by, and released by, Customer Support, not Development, and is therefore not a part of the shipping code, nor have they been through the full Q/A process cycle.  The good news is that the impact is very small, because they are samples, and they have been tested by several customers.  At the point of this update (5/2/2011), we're releasing them over to Development from Support, so hopefully you'll see them as a part of an official release soon (no, we don't yet have a date for that).

Please do not report up bugs for this to development until they are a part of the product.  Feel free to post issues you have here, or even to your support rep, but recognize the limitations we have for fixing things or adding things.  This code is released "as-is" for the most part.



Several core "tasks" that are used, and re-used in jobs

Prebuilt jobs to perform:

  • Capture Windows 7 Enterprise image
  • Initial Deployment using Windows 7
  • Prepare computer for retirement (incl: disk wipe)
  • Upgrade or Re-deploy Windows 7 Enterprise to existing systems
  • ImageX deployments (custom/scripted)

4 New Tokens:

  • UUID
  • Computer ID
  • Serial Number
  • Task Server

Custom Tasks to:

  • Capture a Hot Image backup using Ghost (in production = no down time)
  • Perform offline DISM updates to an image
  • Automatically configure advance DS logging options
  • Add the Altiris Agent to an image that was captured without it (performed in automation)
  • Enable all SBS services on a Site Server, including setting up dependencies
  • Disable all SBS services on a Site Server
  • Turn off, or on, UAC (Win7/Vista)
  • Evaluate a system using DeployAnywhere to determine if drivers are missing.
  • Manual execution of DeployAnywhere
  • Token Replacement task (eg for Sysprep/unattend files) 
  • Drive mappings in automation for custom scripting jobs
  • ImageX

3 New Reports:

  • DS Computer Lookup, allowing you to filter on Mac, UUID, Serial, IP, Name.  Displays all the previous in the results.  Default name is "MiniNT" to show initial deployment computers.
  • Product Keys vs Captured Images, allowing you to compare the captured image you feel should be compatible with a product key, and see the data behind the comparison.  (This is actually a portal showing 2 reports that are also included)
  • In-use PXE Configurations, allowing you to see the jobs a PXE configuration is used in if you're trying to get rid of a configuration but can't.

2 links to online information: the DS Connect portal, and the DS KB Landing Page.

Some Additional Supporting Items:

  • Empty Ghost package used in the Windows 7 Enterprise install task that can not be saved without a package.  A real image must be captured first for use in the actual task/job.
  • Portal page and 2 Web Components for use in the Product Keys vs Captured Images "report".


How to Use:

  1. Download the ZIP and extract the exe to your Notification Server.  It is installed directly onto the NS, though the EXE can be saved anywhere.
    The password for the ZIP is "samples".  It was given a password to allow transfer through email systems.
  2. Run the EXE.  The default location shown should be correct for where your NS is.  Please do not change the location!  It should be installed under your NS folder structure for correct use, not in a custom location.
  3. MOST of the "product" is found under Manage | Jobs and Tasks, then under Samples \ Deployment and Migration.  There are also some reports under Reports | All Reports.
  4. NOTE: All items with an * at the front of the name are intended to be modified before use.  These may require things like an actual image you captured (vs the empty one we included) or names of servers, or user names to be included.  These tasks include descriptions in the tasks of what you need to modify, either on the description line, or in the task itself, or both.
  5. Removal is not fully supported.  See "known issues" below.  However, no changes to shipping code was performed in this installation, so simply not using the tasks or reports will leave you with the same product that ships.


Current issues:

Issue Status
SOI (Scripted OS Install) tasks missing. SOI tasks are designed to not be able to be saved with out certain requirements that are impossible to import/export.  They can be programmatically created, but the difficulty of doing so has lead us to pull the tasks altogether.  They will not be supported in this version, though Development may add them at a future date.
No Uninstallation The uninstall in the MSI and/or from add/remove programs will only remove the files, not the actual jobs/tasks that are imported in the console.  That feature will not be added to the version from Customer Support.  Manual removal includes the following:
  1. Run the uninstallation either by executing the MSI again or in Add/remove programs.
  2. Remove the tasks under Manage | Jobs and Tasks, then under Samples \ Deployment and Migration.  You'll need to remove them in order though:
    1. Remove the jobs first.  Most are in just one area, but there are a few others scattered.
    2. Then remove all tasks.
    3. Finally remove the Deployment and Migration folder.
  3. Remove the additional reports.  These are under Reports | All Reports.  First remove the reports added (listed below).  Then remove the sub-folder which was also added to build the reports.
  4. Remove the web components.  These are under Settings | All Settings, then Deployment and Migration.  There's a folder called Samples Console Data.  If you've done the above, you should be able to simply delete the entire folder.
No 32bit/ 7.1 pre SP1 support This will not be added by Customer Support, though Development may decide otherwise.  There is a precursor to this product called SMART Tools that you might be able to use to give you some of the functionality included here, but it's not all inclusive.



compiled 4/29/11
DSSamples_x64.zip (174 kBytes)

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