Configuring a VMware policy from the Policies utility

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Configuring a VMware policy from the Policies utility

You can create a NetBackup policy (full or incremental) to back up the virtual machine in either of two ways:

To configure a policy for backup of individual files, see the appendix titled "File-level backup of Windows virtual machines."

To configure a policy to back up the virtual machine

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Policies and select Actions > New > New Policy.

  2. Select the FlashBackup-Windows policy type.

    The FlashBackup-Windows policy type is recommended for most environments. Use it to back up the entire virtual machine.

    Note the following about the FlashBackup-Windows policy type:

    • Increases the backup speed as compared to standard file-order backup methods, if the virtual machine is heavily populated with small files.

    • Can create a backup from which you can restore selected files or the full virtual machine.

    For UNIX and Linux virtual machines, FlashBackup-Windows is the only supported policy type.

  3. Select a policy storage unit or storage unit group.

    Storage unit groups are described in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

  4. Note that the FlashBackup-Windows policy type automatically selects Perform snapshot backups.

    The following is the Snapshot Client pane on the lower left of the policy attributes tab:

    Make sure that Collect disaster recovery information for Bare Metal Restore is not selected.

  5. Select Perform off-host backup.

  6. From the pull-down list for the Use field, select VMware backup host.

  7. In the Machine field, specify the name of the VMware backup host.

    If the VMware backup host does not appear in the Machine pull-down list, make sure that it was added to the Host Properties setting.

    See Adding the VMware backup host to NetBackup

    You may have to close and reopen the policy for the added VMware backup host to appear in the list.

  8. For block-level backups of the virtual machine, select Perform block level incremental backups.

    This option reduces the backup size. To enable this option, you must first select Perform off-host backup and VMware backup host.

    See Block-level backup (BLIB): full vs incremental.

  9. Click Options.

    The following is the upper half of the Snapshot Options dialog box (Configuration Parameters). The lower portion (Snapshot Resources) is not used.

    See Configuration parameters for VMware.

  10. To save these settings, click OK and then Apply.

  11. Use the Schedules tab to define a schedule.

    On the attributes tab, you can select Full backup, Differential Incremental Backup, or Cumulative Incremental Backup.

    Incremental backups require one of the following policy configurations:

    • For the Virtual machine backup parameter on the Snapshot Options dialog, select Mapped full VM backup.

    • Or, select Perform block level incremental backups on the policy Attributes tab. For the Virtual machine backup parameter, select Full VM backup or Mapped full VM backup.

      BLIB requires an ESX server 4.0 and a virtual machine at vmx-07 or later.

      The following topics contain additional information.

      See Recovery options related to policy selections.

      See About incremental backups of virtual machines.

  12. Use the Clients tab to specify the virtual machines to back up.

    You can specify virtual machines in either of two ways:

    Use Select manually, and click New.

    The Browse for VMware Virtual Machines screen appears. You can type the host name in the Enter the VMware hostname field, or click Browse and select virtual machine.

    See Browse for VMware Virtual Machines screen.

    Use Select automatically through query

    With this option, NetBackup can automatically select virtual machines for backup based on the filtering criteria that you enter. The following topics explain how to specify the criteria:

    See About automatic virtual machine selection for NetBackup for VMware.

    See Configuring automatic virtual machine selection (Query Builder in Basic Mode).

    Note: In the NetBackup Java Administration Console, the Install Software option is for installing NetBackup client software on trusting UNIX clients. This option does not apply to virtual machines.

  13. If you used Select manually on the Clients tab, you can use the Backup Selections tab to specify the virtual machine drives to back up.


    If you used Select automatically through query on the Clients tab, the Backup Selections tab is automatically filled in with the filtering rules from the query. NetBackup uses the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive to back up all the virtual machines. You cannot make any selections on the Backup Selections tab.

    If you used Select manually on the Clients tab, click New. You can make entries manually, or click on the pull-down (UNIX) or hand icon (Windows) to select from available directives.

    For VMware backup, the System_State directive (Windows 2000) and the ShadowCopy Components directive (Windows 2003) are not supported.

    Enter either of the following and then click Add (on UNIX) or press Enter (Windows):

    • Individual drive letters. (For Windows virtual machines only. Requires the File level snapshot using VCB backup option.)

      Enter the drive letter as follows (for example):


      The drive must be designated exactly as shown (E:\ is not correct).


      The ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive backs up all local drives on the virtual machines that are selected on the Clients tab. This entry is the only one supported for UNIX and Linux virtual machines.

      Note the kinds of files that are included in an ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES backup:

    FlashBackup-Windows policy

    The ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive backs up all data files on the virtual machines.

    ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES also backs up the following, if the snapshot option is Full VM backup, Mapped full VM backup, or Full backup with file level incremental:

    • Windows System State files

    • Windows OS partitions that contain the Windows system files (usually C:)

    • VMware virtual disk files


    If you chose Full VM backup or Mapped Full VM backup for the Virtual Machine Backup parameter, ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is the only entry allowed for backup selections.

    To back up individual files or folders instead of a drive, you must configure a file-level backup. See the appendix titled "File-level backup of Windows virtual machines." Note that VCB is required.

  14. If you click Apply or OK on the policy Attributes tab, a validation process checks the policy and reports any errors. If you click Close, no validation is performed.

See Setting global limits on the use of VMware resources.

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