Restoring the full VMware virtual machine

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Restoring the full VMware virtual machine

This topic describes how to restore VMware virtual machines that were backed up with NetBackup for VMware.

If the VMware backup was made with both of the following, you can restore the entire virtual machine:

  • A FlashBackup-Windows policy.

  • The Virtual Machine Backup parameter was set to any of the following:

    • Full VM backup

    • Mapped full VM backup

    • Full backup with file level incremental, and the policy schedule was a full backup type.

    More detail is available on restore options.

    See Recovery options related to policy selections.

To restore the full virtual machine

  1. Start the NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore interface.

  2. Specify the source client and destination client and type of policy:

    For UNIX systems, on the Restore Files tab, click the restore icon.

    For Windows systems: Click Files > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type.

  3. Specify the following:

    Server to use for backup and restores

    The NetBackup master server that directed the backup

    Source client for restores

    The VMware virtual machine that was backed up

    Destination client for restores

    This field is ignored. The destination for the restore is specified in a different screen as explained in a later procedure.

    Policy type for restores


  4. Select the type of restore:

    For UNIX systems, on the Restore Files tab, select Restore type > Virtual Machine Backups.

    For Windows systems, click the down arrow on the Select for Restore option. Select Restore from Virtual Machine Backup. A restore window displays the backups available for restore.

  5. Select the virtual machine backup to restore.

    For UNIX systems, do the following:

    • On the Restore Files tab, specify the Start date and End date within which to search for the backup. Click either of the calendar options.

    • Specify root (/) in the Browse directory field and press Enter.

    • Click on the root directory that is displayed under Directory Structure.

    For Windows systems, in the NetBackup History pane, click on the VMware backup. Then click on the item that is displayed under All Folders. You cannot select individual files. You must select the entire virtual machine.

  6. Select restore options.

    For UNIX systems, click Restore.

    For Windows systems, click Actions > Restore.

    The type of dialog that appears next depends on how NetBackup performed the backup (by means of vStorage or VCB).

    See Virtual Machine Recovery dialog boxes (restore to original location).

    See Virtual Machine Recovery dialogs boxes (restore to alternate location).

    See About restore of the virtual machine from a VCB backup.

    See Restore Marked Files dialog box (VMware with VCB).

    See About restore of individual files.

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