About the SYMCquiesce utility

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About the SYMCquiesce utility

This topic applies to NetBackup for VMware.

The SYMCquiesce utility allows NetBackup to quiesce the Linux file system. Without this utility, NetBackup cannot guarantee that all required data has been flushed to disk when the snapshot occurs. Any data that has not been flushed to disk (still in memory) is not included in a snapshot. In that case, the data that is captured in the snapshot is incomplete.

The SYMCquiesce utility quiesces the Linux file system, to guarantee that all data has been flushed from memory to disk. Quiescing the file system allows any pending data changes to finish before the snapshot occurs. The data in the snapshot is complete.

The latest information on supported platforms and file systems is available in a separate document, Support for NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments:



The SYMCquiesce utility is not required for Windows virtual machines.

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