SYMCquiesce logging and troubleshooting

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SYMCquiesce logging and troubleshooting

This topic applies to NetBackup for VMware.

SYMCquiesce logs indicate whether quiescence of the Linux virtual machine volumes was successful. SYMCquiesce logs are written to /opt/SYMCquiesce/logs. Logging is enabled by default (no configuration step is required) and cannot be disabled.

Log file names are of the form mmddyy.log. When a backup runs, a new log is created if one does not already exist for that date. A backup that runs on the 22nd of October 2010 creates a log named 102210.log.

An example from a SYMCquiesce log:

Stats - Thu Oct 28 18:51:58 2010

Freeze of volume [/] returned status [0]
Thaw of volume [/] returned status [0]
Freeze of volume [/boot] returned status [0]
Thaw of volume [/boot] returned status [0]


Stats : shows the time of the log entry when volumes where being quiesced.

status [0]: no error. The freeze operation or the thaw operation completed successfully.

status [-1]: error. The freeze operation or the thaw operation did not complete successfully.

If the freeze and the thaw completed successfully, the volume was successfully quiesced.

Note the following:

  • You can use the logs with the fail_snapshot_on_failure option in /opt/SYMCquiesce/config file. If that option is enabled and snapshots fail, consult the SYMCquiesce logs to see which volume's quiescence fails.

  • If the virtual machine has both ext2 and ext3 volumes and the fail_snapshot_on_failure option is enabled, the snapshot fails. ext2 file systems do not support quiescence. You must disable the fail_snapshot_on_failure option to get a successful snapshot of the volumes. Note however that the ext2 volume cannot be quiesced. As a result, any data changes to that volume that had not been flushed to disk before the snapshot are not included in the snapshot.

    See About the NetBackup.lost+found directory on Linux.

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