Installation prerequisites for NetBackup on VCS on UNIX/Linux

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Installation prerequisites for NetBackup on VCS on UNIX/Linux

The following requirements must be met before you install and configure a NetBackup failover server:

  • Verify that VCS and NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.1 support your hardware. For a list of supported storage devices, visit the following Web site:

  • Verify that the supported version of VCS is correctly installed and configured on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, or Linux. Follow the steps in the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide.

  • Verify that no VCS resource group and resource exist with the same name as the one you intend to use for NetBackup.

  • Make sure that the shared disk is configured and accessible to all cluster nodes where you want to install NetBackup. Also, verify that you can mount the disk.

  • Verify that you have an IP address (virtual IP) and a host name (virtual name) to assign to the NetBackup resource in VCS. Use these only for the NetBackup resource.

    Also, ping the IP address and verify that the IP address is not plumbed.

    For VCS-UNIX, IP address of the Nodes and Virtual Name must be of same type (IPv6 or IPv4).

    With this release IPv6 is supported with NetBackup.

    See About NetBackup's IPv6 support

  • Make sure that each node in the cluster, where you want to install NetBackup, is RSH equivalent (On HP Service Guard the command is remsh). As the root user you must be able to perform a remote logon to each node in the cluster without entering a password. This configuration is only necessary for installation, upgrades, and configuration of the NetBackup server and any NetBackup database agents and options. After installation and configuration are complete RSH can be disabled.


    Node IP type must be same as virtual IP type.

  • For a clustered NetBackup master server, if the master server is the robotic control host, physically connect the robotic devices and tape devices to each node where you want to install NetBackup. Connect devices by SCSI or Fibre Channel. Use OS commands to verify that all the devices are connected properly. Refer to the Symantec NetBackup Device Configuration Guide.

  • Verify that you have the NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.1 installation program and a valid license key.

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