NetBackup administrator tasks for Hyper-V

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NetBackup administrator tasks for Hyper-V

The following are the tasks for the NetBackup administrator:

  • Install the NetBackup 7.1 master server and media server. Add the NetBackup 7.1 Enterprise Client license on the master server.

    See the NetBackup 7.1 Installation Guide.

    Symantec recommends that the NetBackup media server and the Hyper-V server be installed on the same host. For alternate client off-host backup, install the media server on the alternate client host.

  • Install a NetBackup 7.1 client on the Hyper-V server. Add the name of the NetBackup master server to the client's server list. In the NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore interface, click File > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type. Add the master server to the Server to use for backups and restores list.

  • Install a NetBackup 7.1 client on the Hyper-V server. Only one NetBackup client is required on each Hyper-V server. As an option for restore, a client may be installed on a virtual machine.

    For Snapshot Client installation instructions, see the Installation topic in the NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide.

    For Windows, NetBackup Snapshot Client software is automatically installed with the core NetBackup server and client product.

  • Read the notes on NetBackup for Hyper-V.

    See NetBackup for Hyper-V notes and restrictions.

    See Notes on full virtual machine restore.

    See Notes on individual file restore.

  • Read the best practices.

    See Best practices.

  • Create a NetBackup policy for Hyper-V.

    See Creating a Hyper-V policy from the NetBackup Policies utility.

  • Run a Hyper-V backup.

    See Backing up Hyper-V virtual machines.

  • Perform a restore.

    See About restoring individual files.

    See Restoring the full virtual machine.

  • Troubleshoot your configuration.

    See the Troubleshooting chapter.

See About Hyper-V

See Quick reference for troubleshooting

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