SIDs used to Customize the Winuser Console

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  1. How do you replace the message at the bottom of the Winuser console, "Welcome to Altiris Alert Manager," with a custom string? I have a custom.config file in aexhd and a customstrings.xml in my custom folder. What is the string for that welcome message?
  2. How do I change "Welcome to the Altiris eXpress Helpdesk" on the guest page? 
  3. How do I change "Thank you for using Altiris eXpress Helpdesk. If you would like to logon again, click the link below." "<Altiris eXpress Helpdesk>"?


  1. The resource string is sidFirstBulletinMessage. The sidFirstBulletinMessage may not work because the string has already been set in the database. You can update the first Bulletin message by opening the worker console, browsing to Incidents > Bulletins > List Bulletins, and editing the first Bulletin.
  2. <string id="sidLogonWelcome">Welcome to Altiris eXpress Helpdesk#cr;Please log on:</string>
    Note that in the resource strings #cr; is a carriage return or new line.
  3. <string id="sidAeXHD">Altiris eXpress Helpdesk</string>

Note: As with all customization, changing the formats.xml directly is not recommended; however, this string can be overridden in a custom.config file. The Helpdesk product guide goes into more detail of the use of custom.config for customizations.

If you require Altiris Support Services help, prior to contacting Altiris, you will need to disable the customization by renaming or deleting the custom.config file in the worker folder, which will return the Helpdesk to its default setting.

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