How does Wake on LAN proxy and Multicast proxy work?

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How does Wake on LAN proxy and Multicast proxy work? 

For both Wake on LAN and Multicast, the AClient doesn't replicate any packets, it sends new ones on its local segment. You have to specifically select clients to be Multicast and Wake on LAN proxies.

If you select a client to be a Multicast proxy, it will listen for multicast traffic from other clients and reply as if it were the server. You must set up the client to connect directly via TCP/IP. When it replies to another client, it sends its server's name and IP address in the multicast reply.

When the server tries to send Wake on LAN packets, it will check the database for any clients that are Wake on LAN proxies. The server will send the Wake on LAN packets and tell each Wake on LAN proxy to send the same packets. It tells every proxy to send every packet every time; there isn't any intelligence to determine which Wake on LAN proxy should send out which packets.

The multicast address and port are the same as what the client has in its transport settings. The UDP Wake on LAN port is the same port the client uses to connect to the Deployment Solution server.  

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