Is there a way to log what the Boot Disk Creator activities?

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Is there any way for Boot Disk Creator to generate its own log?


Yes, Boot Disk Creator has the ability to generate log output to file for troubleshooting purposes.

Logging can be turned on by editing the bootwiz.ini located in the "<%ProgramFiles%>\altiris\express\Deployment Server\Bootwiz directory" (if you installed DS using the default path).

Add the following section:


Below is an explanation of each of the sections:

  • file: location and name of the file (in this example, the next time you start the Boot Disk Creator it will create a bdc.log file located at the root of c:).
  • screen: <true/false, yes/no,1/0> are all valid options. The default is false which means it doesn't show the output to the screen.
  • severity: (i=informational, w=warning, e=error, d=debug)
  • append: a

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