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User has created a DOS PXE Boot Disk Configuration to automate imaging from an *.img file on a network share. When booting to the DOS PXE boot environment and executing RDEPLOY.EXE the following error occurs:

Restored Failed
error:41: system (f:\rdeploy\dos\rdeploy.exe -noprompt -md -f
g:\imagefilename.img -dsconfig:.\temp\c5000211.cfg)error:Imaging download

The production partition may be corrupted.


Deployment Server 6.5, 6.8, 6.8 SP1, 6.8 SP2, 6.9, 6.9 SP1

DOS PXE boot is a 16 bit process and does not support long file names - including image files.  All files must adhere to the 8.3 character file naming limitation imposed by execution environment (in this case DOS).

At PXE Boot when given the option, press the F2 key then press esc key.
Change directory to the drive on which the image file is stored and take a look at how DOS is reading it's filename.  This will be the filename required in the Boot Disk Configuration.

Alternatively, from a windows host computer you can run a CMD prompt and type DIR /x on the images folder.  This will list all the short 8dot3 filenames.

So if the image file's name is "CompanySOE.img" then the Boot Disk Configuration will need to point to image file "Compan~1.img"

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