How Helpdesk 6 licenses are consumed and released

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How Helpdesk licenses are consumed and released

Helpdesk licenses work differently than most other Altiris product licenses. The following information demonstrates how these work, along with providing troubleshooting tips:

  • Before purchasing new or upgrading existing licenses, determine how many total workers will be using Helpdesk at any given time. This should be the number of licenses that are available. If there are less, sooner or later workers will not be able to access Helpdesk because of locked licenses (see below).
  • Workers consume a license when an incident is created. Contrary to other published information on this topic, license are not consumed when using basic functions of Helpdesk, such as viewing or even editing an incident. (Licenses may be consumed for a variety of other reasons while a worker uses Helpdesk, but the main reason is when they create an incident.) Note: End users do not consume licenses.
  • After a worker creates a new incident, the license they consume becomes locked. Licenses are not released due to worker inactivity. The only normal way for a license to be released is for the worker to close the browser they are using Helpdesk in. After five minutes, the license is then released for re-use. Note: During this time, Licensing will still show that the license is in use. Helpdesk license can be monitored in Licensing, which is found by going to an Altiris Console and then to the Configuration tab (or the View menu > Configuration if using the Altiris Console 6.5) and then to Licensing.

How to monitor and manually release Helpdesk licenses

Helpdesk licenses can be monitored directly in Licensing (see above). The following SQL query can also be ran to check who is logged into Helpdesk. Note: This SQL query can be used to find out which workers have left a browser open after using Helpdesk, thereby locking the license from being released.

USE Altiris_Incidents -- Where "Altiris_Incidents" is the name of the Helpdesk database.
SELECT worker_name AS 'Worker', worker_id AS 'ID', worker_last_access_on AS 'Helpdesk Console Left Open Since'
FROM worker_view
WHERE worker_active_access = '1'
AND DateDiff(Minute, worker_last_access_on, GetDate()) < 6
ORDER BY worker_last_access_on

If certain workers have been found to have locked a Helpdesk license, the following SQL query can be ran to manually release the license. Note: This does not enable additional license usage beyond what is already available for the total amount of licenses present. 

-- Warning: The following script makes permanent changes to the Helpdesk database. Backing up the database before running this SQL query is recommended.
USE Altiris_Incidents  -- Where "Altiris_Incidents" is the name of the Helpdesk database.
UPDATE worker_view
SET worker_active_access = '0'
WHERE worker_id = WORKERID -- Where "WORKERID" equals any worker's ID from the first part of the query.

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