UNIX media server verification

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UNIX media server verification

Perform the following to verify the UNIX media server:

  • Verify the media server.

  • Verify that the server has access to the authorization database.

  • Understand the unable to load library message.

The following table describes the verification procedures for the UNIX media server.

Table: Verification process for the UNIX media server



Verify the media server

To determine which authentication broker the media server is authenticated against, run bpnbat -whoami with -cf for the media server's credential file. The server credentials are located in the /usr/openv/var/vxss/credentials/ directory.

For example:

    bpnbat -whoami -cf 
    Name: unix_media.company.com
    Domain: NBU_Machines@unix_master.company.com
    Issued by: /CN=broker/OU=root@unix_master.company.com/
    Expiry Date: Oct 31 14:48:08 2007 GMT
    Authentication method: Veritas Private Security
    Operation completed successfully.

If the domain listed is not NBU_Machines@unix_master.company.com, consider running bpnbat -addmachine for the name in question (unix_media). This command is run on the computer with the authentication broker that serves the NBU_Machines domain (unix_master).

Then, on the computer where we want to place the certificate, run (unix_master): bpnbat -loginmachine

Verify that the server has access to the authorization database

To make sure that the media server is able to access the authorization database as it needs, run bpnbaz -ListGroups


For example:

    bpnbaz -ListGroups -CredFile
    NBU_Security Admin
    Operation completed successfully.

If this command fails, run bpnbaz -AllowAuthorization on the master server that is the authorization server (unix_master). Note that you need to run as root or administrator.

Unable to load library message

Verify the media server and that it has access to the proper database. This verification indirectly informs us that the NetBackup Authentication and Authorization client libraries for both authentication and authorization are properly installed. If either of these procedures fail with the message "unable to load libraries," check to make certain the Authentication and Authorization client libraries are installed.

You may also verify that the authentication domains are correct. Do this verification viewing the access control host properties for this media server, or by cat(1)ing the bp.conf file.

See About using NetBackup Access Control (NBAC)

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