UNIX client verification

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UNIX client verification

The following procedures are used to verify the UNIX client:

  • Verify the credential for the UNIX client.

  • Verify that the authentication client libraries are installed.

  • Verify correct authentication domains.

The following table describes the verification procedures for the UNIX client.

Table: Verification procedures for the UNIX client



Verify the credential for the UNIX client

Check that the credential for the client is indeed for the correct client and comes from the correct domain. Run bpnbat -whoami with -cf for the client's credential file.

For example:

    bpnbat -whoami -cf 
    Name: unix_client.company.com
    Domain: NBU_Machines@unix_master.company.com
    Issued by: /CN=broker/OU=root@unix_master.company.com/O=vx
    Expiry Date: Oct 31 14:49:00 2007 GMT
    Authentication method: Veritas Private Security
    Operation completed successfully.

If the domain listed is not NBU_Machines@unix_master.company.com, consider running bpnbat -addmachine for the name in question (unix_client). This command is run on the computer with the authentication broker that serves the NBU_Machines domain (unix_master).

Then, on the computer where we want to place the certificate (unix_client), run: bpnbat -loginmachine

Verify that the authentication client libraries are installed

Run bpnbat -login on the client to verify that the authentication client libraries are installed.

    bpnbat -login
    Authentication Broker: unix_master.company.com
    Authentication port [Enter = default]:
    Authentication type (NIS, NIS+, WINDOWS, vx, unixpwd): NIS
    Domain: min.com
    Name: Smith
    Operation completed successfully.

Verify correct authentication domains

Check that any defined authentication domains for the client are correct in the Access Control host properties or by using cat(1). Ensure that the domains are spelled correctly. Also ensure that the authentication brokers on the list for each of the domains are valid for that domain type.

This process can also be verified in bp.conf using cat(1).

    cat bp.conf
    SERVER = unix_master
    SERVER = unix_media
    CLIENT_NAME = unix_master
    AUTHENTICATION_DOMAIN = min.com "default company
     NIS namespace" 
    NIS unix_master 0
    AUTHENTICATION_DOMAIN = unix_master.company.com "unix_master 
    password file" PASSWD unix_master 0
    AUTHORIZATION_SERVICE = unix_master.company.com 0

See About using NetBackup Access Control (NBAC)

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