About determining who can access NetBackup

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About determining who can access NetBackup

The Access Management utility allows only one user group. By default, the NBU_Security Admin user group defines the following aspects of NetBackup Access Management:

First, determine which NetBackup resources your users need to access.

See Viewing specific user permissions for NetBackup user groups. for resources and associated permissions.

The Security Administrator may want to first consider what different users have in common, then create user groups with the permissions that these users require. User groups generally correspond to a role, such as administrators, operators, or end users.

Consider basing user groups on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Functional units in your organization (UNIX administration, for example)

  • NetBackup resources (drives, policies, for example)

  • Location (East Coast or West coast, for example)

  • Individual responsibilities (tape operator, for example)

Note that permissions are granted to individuals in user groups, not to individuals on a per-host basis. They can only operate to the extent that they are authorized to do so. No restrictions are based on computer names.

See About using NetBackup Access Control (NBAC)

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