Assigning a user to a user group

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Assigning a user to a user group

You can use the following procedure to assign a user to a user group. A user is assigned from a pre-existing name space (NIS, Windows, etc.) to an NBU user group. No new user accounts are being created in this procedure.

To add a user to a user group

  1. As a member of the NBU_Security Admin user group (or equivalent), expand Access Management > NBU User Groups.

  2. Double-click on the user group to which you want to add a user.

  3. Select the Users tab and click Add User.

    A display similar to the following appears:

  4. Enter the user name and the authentication domain. Select the domain type of the user: NIS, NIS+, PASSWD, Windows, or Vx. See the Symantec Product Authentication and Authorization Administrator's Guide for more information on domain types.

  5. Select the Domain Type of the user:

    • NIS

      Network Information Services

    • NIS+

      Network Information Services Plus

    • PASSWD

      UNIX password file on the authentication server

    • Windows

      Primary domain controller or Active Directory

    • Vx

      Veritas private database

  6. For the User Type, select whether the user is an individual user or an OS domain.

  7. Click OK. The name is added to the Assigned Users list.

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