About the NetBackup for DB2 components

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About the NetBackup for DB2 components

Table: NetBackup for DB2 component descriptions describes the main NetBackup components in a NetBackup for DB2 environment.

Table: NetBackup for DB2 component descriptions



NBDB2 vendor I/O library

The DB2 BACKUP and RESTORE commands use the NBDB2 vendor I/O library to send data buffers between a DB2 database and NetBackup.

You specify the library as the argument to the LOAD parameter of the DB2 BACKUP and RESTORE commands.

The installation program installs the vendor library in the following location:

On Windows: install_path\NetBackup\bin\nbdb2.dll

On UNIX and Linux: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin

On UNIX and Linux, the name of the vendor library differs, depending on your platform as follows:

  • 64-bit Solaris SPARC and 64-bit Linux x86: nbdb2.so64

  • 64-bit AIX and HP-UX PARISC: nbdb2.sl64

  • 64-bit Linux Itanium, HP Itanium, and IBM pSeries: nbdb2.so

User exit program

The NetBackup for DB2 user exit program, db2uext2, provides one method for backing up and restoring the DB2 archive log files.

Use this method at the following times:

  • When you use the DB2 BACKUP command or ROLLFORWARD command to back up or restore databases.

  • When the user exits the database with the DB2 TERMINATE or DISCONNECT command.

  • When the log file fills and DB2 starts writing transactions to another log file.

  • The DB2 ARCHIVE LOG command is issued.

The user exit program backs up and restores the archive logs as files. The file is called db2uext2.64. NetBackup for DB2 supports this method for protecting the archive logs on all supported DB2 releases.

The user exit program resides in the following location:

On Windows: %DB2_INSTANCE%\bin\db2uext2.exe

On UNIX and Linux: $DB2_INSTANCE/sqllib/adm/db2uext2.

Other methods are available for backing up archive log files.

See About log archiving

Sample configuration file (db2.conf) and script files

The installation software installs the following sample files:

  • A sample configuration file (db2.conf file). The db2.conf file includes specifications for backups and restores, and it provides information on policies and schedules. The NetBackup for DB2 library and user exit program use the information in this file.

  • Sample backup and restore scripts. NetBackup can invoke a script to perform a scheduled backup or restore of a DB2 database. The scripts contain DB2 BACKUP or RESTORE commands for use with NetBackup.

    Alternatively, users can use the NetBackup for DB2 wizards to create backup and restore templates. You can use the templates in place of scripts, and you can convert templates into scripts.

The installation software writes these sample files to the following location:

On Windows: install_path\NetBackup\dbext\db2\samples

On UNIX and Linux: /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/db2/scripts.

To use the sample files, copy the sample files to working directories and modify them for your own use.

NetBackup for DB2 backup wizard and recovery wizard

NetBackup for DB2 provides wizards that enable you to create backup and recovery templates. You invoke the wizards by browsing for and selecting a DB2 database object in the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface. After you supply information about the operation, the wizard creates a template that you can run immediately or store on the server (for backup templates). You can use the stored backup templates in scheduled backups through a NetBackup policy. You can also use them to perform manual backups on the NetBackup for DB2 client.

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