Publishing a questionnaire with invitations

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Publishing a questionnaire with invitations

You can publish a questionnaire and also invite users to respond to a questionnaire using the RAM Server toolbar in the RAM console. You must have the RAM Server installed to use the RAM Server toolbar and Invitation Manager. You can invite users as part of the Publish procedure. You should have the user name available. You can search for the user email address during the procedure.

The following table lists the typical settings that are required to publish a questionnaire with invitation.

Table: Invitation settings



Default values

Displayed Invitation Title

The title that is displayed to the invited users in the Web client.

Questionnaire name


The questionnaire name.

Questionnaire name

Enable Expiration Date

The questionnaire is not available after this date.


Send Email Notification(s)

Notify specific users that the questionnaire is published by email.


Number of Questions Per Page

The number of questions the user sees per page in the Web client.


Enable Quizzing

The questionnaire is prepared to allow quizzing.


Minimum Passing %

The minimum score that a user must have to pass the quiz.


Number of Extra Chances

The number of chances that a user has to pass the quiz.


Show result

The questions and the answers that the user provides are displayed on the Result Summary page. This option also displays whether the answers that the user provides are correct or incorrect.


Show correct answers after last attempt

The correct answers of the questions are displayed only after the last attempt or upon the successful completion of the questionnaire.


Allow printing details

Grants the user the permission to print details of the questionnaire.


Add Users

Opens the RAM Server Users dialog box. In the dialog box, Search or Add Selected Group(s) or Add Selected User(s) to the invitation. Close the dialog box when finished.

In the RAM Server Users dialog box, the Available Groups and Available Users

Clear List

Remove the groups and users to be notified.


Reset Status

Change the status of the specific invited users or groups.


Import CSV

Import a CSV file of the names and email addresses.


Invitation Templates

Browse for invitation templates


Invitation Templates - Save

Save the current list as an invitation template


Invitation Templates - Delete

Delete the invitation template


To publish a questionnaire with invitations

  1. In the RAM console >RAM Server toolbar, select Publish.

  2. In the Publish a Questionnaire to the RAM Server dialog box, select Publish.

  3. In the Successful message, select OK.

  4. In the Invite Users message, select Yes.

  5. In the Create Questionnaire Invitations, complete the form.

    The settings are described in Table: Invitation settings

  6. Click Invite.

  7. In the Invitations Created message, select OK.

  8. In the Create Questionnaire Invitations dialog box, select Close.

See Associating assets or asset groups to questionnaire invitations.

See Working with the Invitation Manager

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