Creating a questionnaire

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Creating a questionnaire

Table: Steps to create a questionnaire describe the typical steps to create and publish a questionnaire:

Table: Steps to create a questionnaire




Step 1

Edit the questionnaire's name

You can change the name of the questionnaire.

See Editing a questionnaire name.

Step 2

Add a group

A group is a logical collection of questions and answers within a questionnaire.

See Adding a group .

Step 3

Edit the group name

You can edit the name of the group.

See Editing a group name.

Step 4

Add a single question

You add a question to a group in a questionnaire or you can add multiple questions.

See RAM questionnaire tasks.

See Adding multiple questions.

Step 5

Import a question

With the Import tool in the RAM Console, you can add questions to a group. You can also add questions to a group from another source.

See Importing a question.

See Importing questions from a file.

Step 6

Add an answer

You add an answer to a question or you can add multiple answers.

See Adding answers.

See Adding answers using the Answer Template.

Step 7

Edit text

You can edit the text of any of the object. An object is a questionnaire name, a group name, a question, or an answer.

See Editing text.

Step 8

Edit an object's property

Every object has a set of properties. You can edit the properties to customize your questionnaire.

See Editing a property .

Step 9

Add a user-defined property

You can add a user-defined property to an object in the RAM Console.

See Adding a user-defined property.

Step 10

Work with a user-defined link

You can add, edit or remove a user-defined link to a question to provide the attester to see more information about the question.

See Adding a user-defined link.

See Editing a user-defined link.

See Removing a user-defined link.

Step 11

Remove an object

You can remove any object from a questionnaire.

Step 12

Modify the custom scale of question

You can modify the scale format to a questionnaire.

See Modifying the custom scale of a question .

See Modifying the custom scale of an answer .

Step 13

Add or clear Next Hop references

The goal of the Next Hop tool is to collect data for specific attesters. The tool lets you dynamically create custom paths through the questionnaire.

When you clear the Next Hop reference, you reset the question to its original state. You can reset the reference at any level.

See Selecting a Next Hop destination.

See Clearing a Next Hop destination.

Step 14

Review with Spell Checker

Review and correct any spelling errors.

See Reviewing the questionnaire with Spell Check.

Step 15

Publish the questionnaire

You can publish a questionnaire and also invite users to respond using the RAM Server toolbar in the RAM console.

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