About working with the RAM console tools

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About working with the RAM console tools

Table: RAM Console tool tasks lists the tasks that you can perform with the RAM console tools.

Table: RAM Console tool tasks




Answer Template

Adding a template

You can add a custom template to the Answer Template.

See Adding a template .

Spell Check

Review a questionnaire

You can use Spell Check to review a questionnaire.

See Reviewing the questionnaire with Spell Check.

Next Hop

Select a Next Hop destination

You can select a Next Hop destination

See Selecting a Next Hop destination.

Next Hop

Clear a Next Hop destination

You can clear a Next Hop destination.

See Clearing a Next Hop destination.


Import a question

You can import a question.

See Importing a question.


Import questions from a file

You can import a set of questions from a file.

See Importing questions from a file.

Weight Wizard

Modify a question

You can modify the importance of a question.

See Modifying the custom scale of a question .

Weight Wizard

Modify an answer

You can modify an answer or a set of answers

See Modifying the custom scale of an answer .

Weight Wizard

Replace a weight

You can modify a weight.

See Replacing a weight.

Weight Wizard

Load a profile

You can apply a profile to a question.

See Loading a custom scale weight profile .

Weight Wizard

Save a profile

You can save the settings as a profile.

See Saving a custom scale weight profile.

Weight Wizard

Clear the weights

You can clear the weights from a question.

See Clearing the weights of a custom scale.

Weight Wizard

Customize the definitions

You can customize the definitions that are used by the Weight Wizard

See Customizing the custom scale definitions.

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