Why does PC Transplant Solution appear to slow down on .ini files?

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When deploying a PC Transplant package, I notice in the UI that the deployment slows down on .ini files. Why is this happening?

PC Transplant packages containing .ini files have to perform a merge of the .ini file instead of a basic file copy. It performs the merge in order to preserve any information that may be contained in an existing .ini file in the location the new .ini file is being placed. It doesn't matter if an .ini file already exists in that location or not, PC Transplant still does a merge because PC Transplant has to parse the file for path info and change it if necessary. For instance, if a path points to a profile folder, it has to change it or the new .ini won't work.

This merge process may slow down the deployment of PC Transplant packages with many .ini files in it, but the process is necessary in order to set things correctly on the destination computer.

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