About the Symantec Management Console

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About the Symantec Management Console

The Symantec Management Console is the Web browser based administration console for working with Symantec Management Platform and solutions, including Out of Band Management Component. The console lets you perform tasks, schedule events, run reports, perform configuration, configure security, and more. You can run the console from the Notification Server computer (locally) or from a remote computer with a network connection to Notification Server. This means that you can perform administration tasks from wherever you are.

The console lets you set security that is specific to each console user. You specify which areas of the console a user has access to and the rights that a user has to perform specific actions. For example, one user can run reports while another user can only view reports that have already been run.

You can start the console remotely by typing the following URL into the Internet Explorer's address bar: http://<Notification_Server_name>/altiris/console

For more information on the console, see the Symantec Management Platform Help, which can be accessed through the console's Help menu.

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