Uninstalling Site Monitor Solution

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How can I completely uninstall Site Monitor Solution?


Update:  The "Monitoring" folders under the Tasks and Configuration tabs were incorrectly included in the list of objects to be deleted.  Those folders are shared with Monitor Solution.  The fix for affected customers was to rerun aexconfig on the Monitor Solution .config files.  The uninstall script has been updated in version 7 to avoid the issue.

 Update: A memory constraint problem with the previous version of this script (version 5) has been fixed in version 6.  Symptoms of the issue included an error message containing "Process ## generated fatal exception c0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"

These steps are valid with:

  • Altiris Site Monitor Solution version 6.0.1083
Uninstall Site Monitor agents
  1. Disable the policy Configuration > Solution Settings > Monitoring > Site Monitor > Site Monitor Agent Install.
  2. Enable the policy Configuration > Solution Settings > Monitoring >Site Monitor > Site Monitor Agent Uninstall > Site Monitor Agent Uninstall.
  3. Wait until all the Monitor Solution agents have been uninstalled before proceeding.  To validate, the collection "Computers with Site Monitor Agents installed" should be empty. If the collection isn't available (already uninstalled the solution), then use the following SQL query to identify any orphaned Site Monitor Agents:
select [Name], Guid from vComputer vc
join Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent ac on ac._ResourceGuid = vc.guid
where UPPER(ac.[Agent Name]) = UPPER('Altiris Site Monitor Agent')

To manually uninstall the Site Monitor agent, execute the following command line on the agent's host:
msiexec.exe /x {DF05F341-5580-4509-AF48-090C453F558D} /qn

For reference, the Site Monitor agents are listed on the Altiris Agent Details tab as:
  • Altiris Gauge Manager
  • Altiris Site Monitor Agent
  • Altiris Site Monitor Perfmon Agent
  • Altiris Site Monitor Ping Agent
  • Altiris Site Monitor Port Agent
  • Altiris Site Monitor URL Agent
Product Uninstall

From Add or Remove Programs uninstall the following programs (if installed):

  • Altiris Site Monitor Documentation
  • Altiris Site Monitor Solution
  • Altiris Gauge Subsystem Solution
SQL cleanup script

The SQL script is used to eliminate the orphaned database references for all Site Monitor Solution based products from the Notification Server database.

Use the attached SQL script, Site Monitor Cleanup version7 (Jan2008).sql. It has been revised to accommodate a clean uninstall, and remove any remnants left from the previous uninstall script.

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