Installing Package Server in IIS 7.0

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Package Server is unable to host its packages within IIS 7 unless the IIS 6.0 Compatibility Tools are installed as part of the Web Service role configuration.
There are a few other services that need to be enabled for Package server to fully function, they are outlined below.

1.  Log in as the in-built Administrator account first
2.  Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager
3.  Select ‘Web Server (IIS)’ in the left hand tree
4.  Inside the right hand pane click the link ‘Add Role Services’
5.  Select Application Development  and make sure ASP is checked.
6.  Select Security and ensure that Windows Authentication is checked.
7.  Select Management tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility (all sub folders checked)
8.  Click the ‘Install’ button inside the popup dialog


Question: Package Server needs to use the .NETClassic AppPool ?
Answer:There is no need to change the AppPool for PS. Package Server run on class ASP and doesn’t even need the .Net framework. Hence, it doesn’t matter of which AppPool it is running on.

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