How to configure the connection to a Risk Automation Suite Aggregation Portal

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This document will tell you how to configure your Risk Automation Suite Portal to send it's results up to a RAS aggregation portal.

Before you start make sure you have the following information:

  1. The hostname or IP address of the Aggregation Portal
  2. The username and password of an account on the aggregation portal with registration permissions
  3. The database server's hostname or IP address and instance name
  4. The RAS database name
  5. The username and password of an account with read access to the RAS database

To configure the connection to the aggregation portal:

  1. On the Risk Automation Suite portal server open a command prompt and navigate to: "C:\<install path>\SFAggregation"
  2. Run "SFAgrgregation.exe -s" to start the interactive setup
  3. Answer the questions with the information you gathered above.


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