What are the default commands for the Inventory Solution Tasks/Programs?

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What are the default command lines for the five Inventory Solution Task/Program? Where does the Inventory Agent Package reside on a client computer?

The default command lines for the five Inventory Solution Tasks/Programs are

  • Hardware Inventory/Hardware Definition File: 

    AeXInvSoln.exe /hidden /s AeXInvSolnAdm1.ini

  • Re-create Full Inventory/Full Definition File with CleanBeforeRun option:

    AeXInvSoln.exe /cleanbeforerun /hidden /s AeXInvSolnAdm2.ini

  • Re-create User Inventory/User Definition File with CleanBeforeRun option: 

    AeXInvSoln.exe /cleanbeforerun /hidden /s AeXInvSolnUsr1.ini

  • Software Inventory/Software Definition File: 

    AeXInvSoln.exe /hidden /s AeXInvSolnAdm2.ini

  • User Inventory/User Definition File: 

    AeXInvSoln.exe /hidden /s AeXInvSolnUsr1.ini

The Inventory Agent Package normally resides in the "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Software Delivery\{01B54EB5-3679-4C73-9E10-E169D5A5EC59}\cache" folder.

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