NetBackup ACS storage server interface (acsssi)

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NetBackup ACS storage server interface (acsssi)

The NetBackup ACS storage server interface (SSI) acsssi communicates with the ACS library software host. acsssi processes all RPC communications from acsd or from the ACS robotic test utility that are intended for the ACS library software.

One copy of acsssi must run for each unique ACS library software host that is configured on a NetBackup media server. acsd tries to start copies of acsssi for each host. However, if an acsssi process for a specific ACS library software host exists already, the new acsssi processes for that host fails during initialization.

In normal operations, acsssi runs in the background and sends log messages to acssel.

You can specify the socket name (IP port) used by acsssi in any of the following ways:

  • On the command line when you start acsssi.

  • By using an environment variable (ACS_SSI_SOCKET).

  • Through the default value.

If you configure acsssi to use a nondefault socket name, you also must configure the ACS daemon and ACS test utility to use the same socket name.

The ACS library software host name is passed to acsssi by using the CSI_HOSTNAME environment variable.

acsssi is based on the Sun StorageTek storage server interface. Therefore, it supports environment variables to control most aspects of operational behavior.

See Optional environment variables

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