Methods for capturing virtual software layers

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Methods for capturing virtual software layers

When you create a virtual software layer, you can use either of the following capture methods:

Wise Virtual Composer

Wise Virtual Composer provides an advanced interface to create virtual software packages. See the Wise Virtual Composer User's Guide for details.

SWV Admin tool Single program capture

When you use this method, only changes that are made during the installation of a specified application are captured. Any other activity on the computer is ignored.

This method captures all the files, registry settings, and processes of an application. The capture includes child processes and process-induced changes. It also captures Microsoft Installer (MSI) and Service Control Manager changes.

You can use this method to capture both a single installation into a layer or multiple installations into a layer. You can also use this method to capture post-installation configurations.

See Creating an application layer using single program capture.

SWV Admin tool Global capture

This method captures all changes that are made to a computer during the capture process. Because it captures all changes, it also captures all background activity on the system. Use this method only when you can't use the single program capture.

See Creating an application layer using global capture.

See About the creation of virtual software layers

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