Editing the registry settings of a virtual software layer

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Editing the registry settings of a virtual software layer

After you create a virtual software layer, you can edit its registry settings. If you create an empty layer, you can add registry settings to the layer.


The Workspace Virtualization Agent does not store data in the virtual HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key. Instead it stores it in its real location under either HKEY_USERS\USER_TEMPLATE\Software\Classes or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes. At runtime, Windows reads the Workspace Virtualization data for activated layers from these locations and properly renders HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

To edit registry settings of a virtual software layer

  1. Start the SWV Admin tool.

  2. Click Start > All Programs > Symantec > Workspace > Virtualization > Symantec Workspace Virtualization Admin.

  3. In the SWV Admin tool, double-click the layer.

  4. In the Layer Properties dialog box, click the Registry tab.

    The Registry tab has two nodes to separate registry settings in the read-only and writeable sublayers. When you edit a layer, make sure that you make the changes in the correct node.

  5. To edit registry settings, use the same process as you would with regedit.

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