Importing a virtual software archive file

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Importing a virtual software archive file

Virtual software is imported from Extensible Package Format (xpf) files. Xpf replaced vsa as the import file format, though support for importing vsa files is still provided.

See Exporting a virtual software layer to an archive file

You can import an archive file on a computer to create a new layer if the Workspace Virtualization Agent is installed. After you import an archive file, you activate the layer to complete the installation of the application.

See About the management of virtual software layers

To import an archive file

  1. Start the SWV Admin tool.

  2. Click Start > All Programs > Symantec > Workspace > Virtualization > Symantec Workspace Virtualization Admin.

  3. In the SWV Admin tool, on the File menu, click Import Layer.

  4. In the Open dialog box, select the archive file to import and click Open.

  5. After the import completes, click OK.

    The layer appears in the SWV Admin tool.

See Actions you can perform to manage layers

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