How to set the HKCR priority of a layer

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How to set the HKCR priority of a layer

If a system request applies to two activated layers that are assigned the same priority, you cannot predict which layer the system request accesses. To resolve this issue, you can assign one layer a higher priority. To assign a priority to a layer, use the SVSCMD executable file with the PRIORITY command-line parameter and its flags.

See SVSCMD command-line parameters

See SVSCMD parameter flags

For example, you have activated layers for two different Web browser applications. Both applications are registered to open HTML files. You can assign a higher priority to one of the layers so that it is used to open the HTML files.

Use caution when you change the priorities of layers. You can use any numeric value for a priority, but we recommend that you change only the values to the right of the decimal. For example, if two layers have a default priority of 65.5, you can change one to 65.4. This change assigns one layer a higher priority without changing the priority in relationship to other layers. If you change the values to the left of the decimal, it could cause problems when new layer types are created in the future.

See How layer prioritization works

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