Cleaning up a failed Workspace Virtualization Agent installation

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Cleaning up a failed Workspace Virtualization Agent installation

If the installation of the Workspace Virtualization Agent fails and the problem cannot be resolved, you can manually clean up the failed installation.

See About troubleshooting Workspace Virtualization Agent installations.

To clean up a failed installation of the Agent

  1. Remove all the installed files and registry keys.

    See What the Workspace Virtualization Agent installs.

  2. To delete the FSLX driver, type the following command:

    sc.exe delete FSLX

  3. Remove the local group that was created for Agent security with the following command:

    net.exe localgroup "Workspace Virtualization Administrators" / delete

  4. Remove the WMI Provider.

    See Removing the WMI Provider.

  5. To clean up the information that Windows Installer caches about the package, type the following command:

    msizap.exe TW! {7D8DBB7C-1C55-4950-A107-043C164F379A}

    The msizap.exe tool comes with the Windows Installer SDK.

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